Historical Background of “Atelier”

Practiced during the medieval period, atelier became the standardized vocational program for artists in Europe. Ateliers are basically workshops and studios of a refined artist who is generally renowned; this place was developed for the artists to work together.
In every workshop, there was a master who occupied the greater position, and a few other assistants and students who sat together combined their creative knowledge, and crafted a masterpiece together. No art is complete without a great master to teach his students, and in atelier, the principal master had always been a professional, and owing to that century, he would be someone who belongs to one of the artistic occupations, such as a fine art photographer (in mid-19th century), painter and sculptor.
Currently, schools were a master artist works together and trains the students of arts is also called an atelier. Generally, these places contain several students ranging from hundred or more, and one principal who trains them all.
This is how the term began to enter the scene of art and the world in general. However, today the atelier can mean several other similar things.

Atelier’ in Fashion

A place or workshop of a haute-couture is also called an atelier at the moment. Haute-couture is a French word for high-end fashion. It is pretty chill and easy to go with designer clothing or ‘high fashion’, but this certainly has more richness to it, and emphasizes the factor that they are made to order clothing’ using some of the finest materials. Haute-couture is a luxury lover’s reward, endowment and benefaction to quench the thirst of the finer things of life.
The magic of haute couture happens in the atelier, and that’s where everything begins to only take an end form.
Also the place where a fashion designer works to put together his or her creations is called an atelier. In here, creativity blossoms, and several creative professionals and students come together to give their two cents to create the perfect designs that would eventually rock the runway shows.

Hair Ateliers

The workshops of hairstylists are called ateliers. But unlike other workshops where things are made or created, hair ateliers are places where you get pampered. These are basically beauty salons, where amazing and exceptional haircare services are provided.
Full-serviced beauty salons with professional spaces to pamper yourself is just what you need after a long day, or even before your big day, and ateliers are all about finesse of things and luxury. Hair ateliers are all about that, and more.
Ateliers are places that belong to artists and creators. All those involved in fine arts, creating something bigger and better in par with exceptional standards.
They began during the medieval period with artists, painters and sculptors, and today many creative professions call ateliers as their haven where magic happens.

Art is all about creating something meaningful and powerful, yet it is a strikingly strategic means of expression that comes out in many forms. Ateliers serve as a place where art incorporates strategy and is not only learned, rather taught, and implemented.

And that is why, they’re not a common word to be thrown around, rather a term only reserved for finesses of life.