What are the nearby shopping malls near Makeway Avenue, Newton Singapore? This is something that you might have been thinking about these days. We will let you know about some of the best shopping malls that you can find near Makeway Avenue, Newton Singapore these days.

From Novena Square to Ion Orchard, we have you covered, and that is truly part of the fun. You will truly have a lot of reasons to head to these shopping malls. Therefore, we think that you should read on because this will allow you to know more about this.

Novena Square

Novena Square is a beautiful shopping center that will allow you to go shopping with all the peace in the world. Be prepared to see tons of hospital workers walking around.

Velocity Novena

Velocity Novena is truly here to stay for a long time because of the wide array of variety of shops that you will see here.

Balmoral Plaza

Balmoral Plaza is a beautiful shopping center that will allow you to truly appreciate a wide array of shops in Singapore. The ambiance of this place is truly awesome.

Ion Orchard

Ion Orchard truly smells great, and you will be coming back for more at all times. Ion Orchard has a wide array of food choices that you will truly adore.


Paragon is truly a terrific place for you to spend time in because it has all you need to have fun while shopping.

Square 2

Square 2 has a limited selection of shops, but you will truly enjoy each one of them at all times. This is truly what you need to experience these days too.

Far East

The Far East is an outstanding shopping center that you will truly love in no time. This is the place to find the best golf equipment in Singapore hands down.

Raffles City

Raffles City is truly what the doctor ordered when it comes to shopping centers. Dining here is truly an outstanding experience that you will love in no time too.

Goldhill Shopping Center

Goldhill Shopping Center is another shopping center that you will love in beautiful Singapore. This place is truly what you have been looking for.

United Square

United Square will allow you to find a wide array of brands for any kid out there, and that is just part of the fun these days too.

Remember that these shopping malls are here to stay for a long time because they offer all the convenience that you have been seeking. They are located near Makeway Avenue, Newton Singapore, and these malls are awesome at all times too. These buildings are beautifully painted and the staff is awesome.

You will have fun at Novena Square seeing a lot of medical care workers here and there from time to time. Raffles City is also awesome because the dining experience here is just out of this world. We might spend a lifetime talking about these malls, but you should drop by these places so you can get what you need. Think about this and have fun with your family and friends whenever you want to.