Exact Location Of The Altelier

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Location of Makeway View

History about Newton Road Where Makeway Avenue Is Located At

The Atelier, near to Newton Road is the namesake to Newton which is the planning area that is situated in the Central Area of the Central Region of Singapore. It is bounded by Rochor to the east, Kallang to the northeast, Novena to the north, Tanglin to the west, Museum and Orchard to the south. Newton Road begins from Newton Circus from the south and ends the intersection with Thomas Road in the north.

Formerly, Newton Road was known as Syed Ali Road, but it was later renamed in 1914 as Newton Road in honour of Alfred Howard Vincent, the Assistant Municipal Engineer Newton who died in 1897. The renaming of the road was also inspired by the objective of eliminating confusion between the then Syed Road and Syed Alwi Road.

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The Newton Circus was constructed in 1933 featuring a wide 40-foot carriageway by the Singapore Improvement Trust. It was developed for gyratory traffic and to serve the converging roads such as Scotts Road, Clemenceau Avenue, Bukit Timah Road, Kampong Java Road, Keng Lee Road, Newton Road, and Dunearn Road. Due to the 8 converging roads on the Newton Circus, the place used to be referred to as “ethumuchandi” implying “the eight junction place” by the Tamils.

Today, the Newton Circus houses Newton Food Centre which is a major hawker centre that is popularly known for its vast range of local delicacies. The Newton Circus occupying 22.3 hectares is among the 6 subzones in the Newton planning area. It is a prime residential district sited next to Orchard Road in Central Singapore. This place is also home to high rise residential developments and exclusive old houses such as Park Infinia and Newton One.