Homebuyers have many things to put into consideration before buying a under construction property. In this case, there is a need for the property’s plan to read and understand it better.

However, reading the plan is not a walk in the park due to some symbols which relatively confuse the homebuyers. But if they can get some guideline, they can have the ability to get useful information.

Below are tips to help in reading floor plans:


Looking for the main door when reading floor plans is the first thing you should do. Ensure you have known the door symbol and once you have known, the rest about doors will be covered.

When you know about the doors, you will be able to know whether the rooms are connected. Noting the door’s arc is another important thing. This will let you know which side is the door swinging, either outwards or inwards.

The side the door is swinging is left empty to allow its opening.


Windows are a source of ventilation and natural lights thus becoming a key feature. There are common two types of windows sliding which its indication is a thin hollow line and a casement which has a similar symbol with the doors but instead comes in pairs.


Since many buyers are preferring an open concept home, knowing the wall which can be removed safely the better.

Get to know the structural and non structural wall so you can know which to remove. Since the structural wall is part of the entire building can’t be removed but no-structural can easily be removed since its key role is separating two rooms.

A wall with a bold thick line is a structural wall while a wall indicated using a thin line is a non structural wall.

Floor Layout

Knowing how floor layouts are laid is another important aspect. Some buildings main doors open direct to the kitchen.
Identify how each layout is laid in relation to the other, some parent likes their bedroom and the children room to be next to each other.

Look how corridors link living as well as dining areas to various bedrooms.


Understand the little dimensions which come in floor plans as you use them to help you estimate the room size. In most circumstances, they come in terms of millimeters.


Other than the size, the floor plan can help you identify the room’s shape. The most preferable size is the box. If the shape of the room has odd corners, it makes it difficult when fitting furniture thus ending up to space wastage.


PES is also critical. Look the PES size. Some are large others smaller. The bigger the better since it will allow you to have dinner out of the building, have a party with friends among other outdoor activities.

However, if you have a large family requiring many bedrooms, a large PES is a space wastage.

Maid Room

It’s a good idea to have a room where maids can be living. This should be next to the kitchen and contains a bathroom. If you have a family, look at the floor plan and ensure there is room for the maid.


Some homes come with built in cupboards. This help in saving when renovating. Through the floor plans, you can positively identify the cupboard.

When buyers have the knowledge to read the floor plans are at better position of making sound decisions when buying real estate properties.

The tips discussed above will give you limelight when buying a property to buy whatever you have learned and understood fully.